From Business to Art

I was called an "over-achiever" when I decided to graduate from high school a year early.  I turned 17 years old a month before graduation.  I remember my first semester in college feeling bummed about not being able to go to the club with my friends because I wasn't even 18 yet.  It was a good thing, now that I look back on it, because it allowed me to focus on my studies even more.  

But how did I go from earning a business degree to now pursuing art?  Well, the truth is that art is my "true love".  My grandma used to paint and I still have one of her paintings displayed in my home.  I always saw my uncle and brother drawing.  I took art classes every chance I could get.  My other grandmother encouraged my artistic side by taking me to Hobby Lobby almost on a weekly basis and getting me craft supplies.  It's just always been part of my life one way or another. The problem was that I never knew how I could turn my love of art into a career.  That made me pursue the next thing I enjoyed: business and marketing.  I earned my bachelor's degree in Business Management and later earned my master's degree in Marketing.  All along, my plan was to get back into the workforce, but life had other plans. 

I became a mother and realized that my children needed me more, so I made the decision to put my career on hold, and I'm completely okay with that.  I honestly never second-guessed my decision.  As it turns out, they needed me (and still do) more than I ever imagined. 

24-hr EEG
baby boy after open heart surgery
Hospital stay

Two of my three kiddos have special/medical needs.  Motherhood became, and has remained, my first priority.  


Even then, I am not one to just sit around and do nothing!  

I turned my hobby into a photography business, which I did full-time for about 3 years.  This allowed me to work from home, on my terms, and still be there for my family.  Doing photography made me realize I had another passion: graphic design.  

Now that my youngest child is about to enter school full-time like his big sisters, and my husband is close to retirement from the Army, I felt the time was perfect to pursue what I love, so, I decided to enroll in SCAD.  The best part is that it ties in perfectly with my business and marketing degrees.      

I don't just have dreams.  I have goals.  There is "method to my madness"...this madness of going back to school for a 2nd bachelor's degree.  Both my husband and I will be getting our degrees just before he retires from the military.  I'm so happy to be on this path.  My kids get to watch me do what I love and they often join me and learn right along with me.

At the end of it all, we roll with the punches and do what is best for our family because our plans have to remain flexible, but that certainly doesn't mean we aren't shooting for bigger, better things. 

Child photography at sunset