Ad Agency Profiles

I had the opportunity to work on profiles for three advertising agencies of my choice for my Intro to Advertising course.  The course itself is very engaging, but then again, I've always been into marketing, so I'm biased on that aspect.

The first agency I chose was Creative Noggin because I was intrigued that it is 100% online/virtual.  It is based out of San Antonio, TX, my hometown.  The work that they create is inviting and truly captures the essence of the Texas Hill Country that I love and miss so much.  They also did a fabulous campaign for San Antonio's new children's museum that is eye-catching.

I also chose Upshot Agency for their creative sales promotion work.  My favorite is definitely the Modelo beer campaign because it shows the beauty of the Mexican culture; they did a fabulous job in the research stage of the campaign - that is definitely apparent.  It reminds me a lot of Disney Pixar's movie, Coco.

The last ad agency I chose was Ogilvy.  All I have to say is - WOW!  Phenomenal work comes out of this agency, which is part of WPP, a conglomerate.  One of my absolute favorites is the Coca-Cola campaign, "Taste the Feeling."  It is pure genius!  And let's not forget the "Beautifully Real Moms" campaign for Dove!  It strikes a chord with every mom out there and that's what makes it amazing - it is relatable!  

Advertising has to be engaging, fun, and relatable to retain people's attention.  Creative Noggin, Upshot Agency, and Ogilvy excel at this.